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First-In is coming to Northwest Arkansas October 14th - 16th. Join us for a weekend full of lecture and hands-on training by some great instructors that want to bring the heart back into the fire service. 

Friday Night Keynote: Chief Scott Thompson

Saturday 8:00a - 11:30a & 1:30p - 4:30p

Sunday 8:00a - 11:30a


Corley Moore - “Batt. Chief” - Moore OK

Scott Thompson - Chief The Colony -Texas

Dennis Reilly - Chief - Pittsburg Kansas

Mo Davis/Clyde Gordon - District Chiefs - Houston TX

Ljay Geist - Garden City, Kansas

Jeremy Donch - National Fire Radio

All Instructors

  • First-In: "Round Table"


The Dagum Push (8hr) -  Kevin Pfluger, BC Tom Hollick, FF. Manuel Barajas

Heavy Vehicle Stabilization and Lifting (8hr) -  Nate Pianalto and Dean Deterts

Mental Toughness (8hr) -  Tyler Adair, Adam Frederking, Aaron Riley

Saving Your Own FAST (4hr) - Eric Allen and FAST Team

Forced Under Fire (8hr) - Jeff Eckert "Philly FD" and Chris Kelly "Houston FD"


If you can't participate in the conference but wish to attend the keynote event Friday night, you can do so by clicking the link below. Friday Night only - $20

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